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Wongeoon Vast, is a company providing property management, accounting services and free website domain and hosting on our platform under the name Netzones. We are based at 343 Selwyn St, Addington, Christchurch City, less than one kilometre away from Moorehouse Ave. 



We manage properties rented as a whole property on one tenancy and also as room by room renting with more than one tenancy. If you are looking for a whole property to rent, please go to Whole Properties section, for one room in a shared house please go to Individual Rooms section

If you are a property owner or property owner-to-be, for first contact please go to the Home Providers page. If you have an existing tenancy that you don't have time to deal with, or you don't know enough about your rights, or you are worried about some legal traps, or if you need help for debt recovery from expired tenancy, please go to our Legal Services page. 

We service Canterbury up to 100km from Christchurch city centre. 




We provide professional accounting services for your personal income tax filing, and also business accounting. For more information please go to Tax Agent / Chartered Accountant page. 

We serve all over New Zealand.




We are branding the four letters in as initials of Wongeoon Vast Netzones to serve customers beyond New Zealand. It carter for registered companies, community or charity organisations, property sale agents and private vendors, and professionals including city / district councillors. For example, you can have a website as or, for property sale if the property address is 1 High St you can have or 

For details please visit here



We have a page on Facebook Here, you are most welcome to rate us, and click "like" if you do like us. You are also welcome to rate us on Google here. Your ratings, feedbacks and "like"s will surely help us to provide better services and encourage us on what we are doing. 



Pronunciation of Wongeoon: "Won" is the same as "wan" in wand, "geoon" same as "June".