Since we started the accounting arm of the business in 2018, we filed our clients’ returns on time 100%. This 100% on time filing is our committed to you and to IRD every year. 

We provide tax return filings to property owners, family trusts and companies of any size. Our fees are very competitive as follows. 

For one property owned by one entity ( individual person, family trust or company), our fee is $280 + GST per year including IR3R for the rental property and each owner entity’s yearly income filing (excluding GST filing).

If an entity owns more than one property, it will be free for the extra 2 properties’ IR3R filing,  and extra $280 + GST for all properties from 4th to 6th. In other words, it’s $280+GST per year for every 3 properties and property owner’s yearly income filing.

If a property is owned by more than one entity, our fee is $250 + GST for each entity for every 3 properties. 

For company accounting, GST return filing fee depends on your yearly turnover, our fee for company’s yearly filings and statements excluding GST filing is $500+GST. 


When there is tax refund from IRD, it will be refunded straight to your bank account instead of ours.