You may find your preferred has been snatched up. We have an alternative for you to have and it works completely the same as what you want, with bonus of having your website promoted by us free of charge, such promotions can be on our website and billboards that are to be confirmed.

Here are sample of websites based on our platform, and You can also choose a domain not on platform and have it built and hosted by us, is one we built lately.

The following plans are for a standard website we build for you for a cost of $280+GST, then you maintain your website yourself. You can add full functioning E-Commerce features including booking and secure credit card payments for $780+GST. Or you can have booking feature only without credit card payment option for $450+GST. 


Plan A

On platform. No yearly domain fee. Your website is independent and works like any website, just you don’t personalised email address attached to your domain. This plan suits people who want a website to market their business, property for sale or a unique fancy personal website. 

There is annual hosting fee of $55 + GST. You will have your own login username and password to maintain website yourself with WordPress. 

Currently we provide 1G dish space to each page with no traffic limit. We do aim to increase your allocated dish space overtime.


Plan B

On platform. No annual domain fee. Your website is independent and works like any other one. You will have personalised email addresses attached to your domain, e.g. It’s $10+GST per month hosting fee.  


Plan C

Not on platform. You or we register your domain for you. You pay the domain yearly fee, and $10+GST per month our hosting fee.