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 For registered companies, sole traders, community and charity organisations, property vendors, and professionals  


You choose your domain name based on the platform, for example, or, or for property sale or renting. You will be provided with the powerful and versatile WordPress to build your websites, or Presence Builder as per plan C below. Here are sample of websites based on our platform, and one under construction waiting for owner's further info


Nowadays more than one third of the websites are built by WordPress, including websites of numerous universities, governments, newspapers. You can surely make yours unique and stand out of the crowd. 


There are 3 pricing plans as follows. Websites having property addresses for the property sale and rental marketing suits to be on plan A, and it's your website until the property ownership is changed, so the website for rental is always yours until you sell the property. 


We will develop and keep a register of websites for active businesses and professionals, and current trusts / organisations, and help you to present your websites to the public. You need to name one category for your business, organisation or profession to be listed on the register, such as community organisation, restaurant, takeaway, grocery, accounting, electrician, real estate agent, city or district councillor, ect. 


There is no domain name fee or hosting fee for you to pay, your website will automatically go to NZ portal website without charge, this portal website will be launched soon. You need to confirm with us every 5 yeas that your business or organisation is active, or your profession current, and pay a renewal fee of $55 + GST. Your future 5 yearly renewal fee will be set according to NZ Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the previous 5 years that is published by Stats NZ here, it will stay the same unless previous 5 years average CPI is more than 5%. Without such renewal, we will think you no longer need your website, we still keep your website for 4 and a half more years; you can notify us during the 4 and a half years that you want to keep it and pay the renewal fee; or you can request us to email you all files of your web contents without a fee to pay before we delete them.



Plan A

There is one-off fee of $55 + GST. For property sale, you can send us the contents including photos or videos, we will upload for you, or we will give you login details for you to set up and make changes 24/7. For companies and organisations, we can set up one page of your website for you with the basic information and logo provided by you, you can add pages at your will with your own login details. 


Currently we provide 1G dish space to each page with no traffic limit. We do aim to increase your allocated dish space overtime, which is yet to be confirmed. 

One gigabyte space allows you to have roughly 900,000 text pages, photos and videos will reduce the number of web pages you can have.




Plan B

One off payment $280 + GST, we can build your website for up to 15 pages for you based on WordPress. Future changes and expansion of your webpages are all up to you. 



Plan C

$30 per month + GST, 50G storage, unlimited traffic.

You can choose WordPress or Presence Builder for your website building. We will build your website and maintain it for you, you can make your own changes 24/7. 



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