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If you have properties for us to manage or intend to buy one, please fill out the form on the right and send to us, we aim to contact you the same day or next business day.


Or you are welcome to phone us on 03 9812615 or email to Our friendly and experienced property managers are more than happy to provide free consultation.


If you have a property with existing tenancy that is now managed by yourselves or other rental agencies, we can take over to manage with a discounted management fee because you have saved us advertising costs and time to look for good tenants. 


If you are considering to buy an investment property, and need a written rental appraisal for the bank, we can take care of that. We have been providing written rental appraisals to many mortgage providers for many years, our objective appraisals written by our highly experienced staff have been well accepted.

If you let us manage that property, our written appraisal is free. If you end up not buying it or not letting us manage it, there is a fee, a very amount because we only focus on the growth of our long term property management service income and we value good relationship with you.


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