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We are people oriented instead of business oriented. We treat everyone with respect, and stand in people's shoes on our thinking and our actions. We believe people bring business. 


We don't charge letting fee, we believe such fee may drive away some good tenants because they can't afford to pay or simply don't like to pay such fee. This helps us to minimise vacancy time of the properties we manage. 


We work up to 7pm on the weekdays and take weekend appointments. This gives us an advantage on renting out properties fast, without missing out prospective good tenants who can only view properties after work or at the weekends, and gives our existing tenants and property owners very easy contacts. 


Honesty and fairness are our major values. We have satisfaction, comfort and peace when these values are stuck to, and believe these values have been helping a lot on our business growth. 

We don't like dirty living and messy gardens. We believe we are obliged to make sure all our tenants live in a healthy environment, and we think messy gardens are a disgrace and an eyesore to our garden city.


To property owners

We come to agreement with you on how much you will have in hand after the property is tenanted. You don't need to pay for advertising costs and won't need to pay us different kinds of fees including property inspection fee. 


We can deal with all issues related to your rental properties, such as maintenance, insurance claim, rates payments, etc, but with one exception that's making insurance premium payment. It happened in the past insurance renewal letter was not received by us but insurance company said they had sent out. We need property owners to make sure their properties are continuously insured as they intend to. 


When there is maintenance issue, in most cases our property managers will go over to check before contacting you. If maintenance is confirmed required, you can arrange the repair, or we can arrange for you. We have long term plumbing, electrician and builder partners who charge us quite good rates. We will pass their original invoices to you without adding any markup. 


When tenants delay rent payment, we will use our money to pay to you on time, maximum 3 weeks rent, and will action promptly to compel tenants for payment, if needs be we will make application to Tenancy Tribunal.


We do our best to protect your interests, meanwhile we believe the existence and further development of our business rely on being fair to both property owners and tenants. 


For further discussion please go to this page .


To accommodation seekers

Most of the properties we manage are whole property renting, 4 weeks rent as bond is required. We manage a handful of properties for room by room renting, mostly 3 weeks rent as bond is required, at the end of your tenancy a payment of $25 by you is required for carpet cleaning fund that is for whole property's carpet regular cleaning. 


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to enquire about our currently advertised properties. We are surprisingly quick to ask you to come to sign a tenancy after you submit an application and the application is successful. 


Before making appointment to show you a property, we do prefer knowing some basic aspects of you, just to make sure the property you are interested in suits you and it's more likely your application to rent it is successful. 


After you submit an application, if the property suits you we usually process your application the same day or second business day depending on the third parties, such as your employer' availability to answer our contact and landlord to give us reference. 


If none of our currently advertised properties seems to suit you please go to this page .