Our company was formerly known as Wide & Vast.

Wide & Vast Ltd was founded in 2005 and based at Level 2, 90 Hereford St in the CBD of Christchurch. It was soon put to dormancy because of special circumstances. Later the founder thought he had got an employer that he was willing to work for all his life, he didn’t file company’s annual return and the company’s registration expired.

After more than four years working in the same company, for a twist of fate the founder had to leave that company, he came back to Wide & Vast Ltd, registered it again on 6 January 2010, there is no turning back ever since.

The 4 September 2010 earthquake brought the company to temporary address at 182B Bealey Ave. Wide & Vast was formally renamed as Wongeoon Vast on 05 January, 2011. 

On 2 October 2012 the company was relocated to the address at 343 Selwyn St in the suburb of Addington.

Ten years after the earthquake we are moving back to the CBD, operating at 4/77 Tuam St from 23 November 2020. 

Property management including residential and commercial properties and farm land is our major business. Most of our residential properties are for whole property renting, some are for room by room renting. We also cover Body Corporate management for both residential and commercial properties. 

From September 2018 we are IRD’s tax agent, accounting became our second branch of business.

From August 2019 we utilise our particularly short domain wv.nz as a platform to build websites for clients. One year later we have partnership with Openhost to host websites outside our platform. We brand this business as Netzones as our third branch of business. 

Our Netzones business plan is to build a data base for New Zealand companies with online advertising feature, for that we are aiming to have a fourth branch as advertising that includes outdoor advertising. 

With our hard work, honesty, integrity and fairness, we have been growing very steadily and strongly, now we have good share of Christchurch’s residential rental market. We are satisfied with our achievements, but never conceited. We are grateful and humbled, and want to make it better. Being a successful and reputable company is our goal in general, which is based on our customers satisfaction and values we believe in.

We believe in virtues and merits. We care about people. 

Pronunciation of Wongeoon: “Won” is the same as “wan” in wand, “geoon” same as “June”.