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You can reach us either on or


Wongeoon Vast, a property management company, is based at 343 Selwyn St, Addington, Christchurch City, less than one kilometer away from Moorehouse Ave.


Internet and telephone make us boundaryless, our tireless wheels and legs make us very mobile, our passion and responsibility make us timelss, and all these bring us abundance in contacts, people and great satisfaction.


We are based in Christchurch, and serve up to 100km out from our office in Canterbury. 

We are not a mediocre property management company, we are a company quite different in a very positive way. We are different and better in these aspects. If you are interested in our services for your rental property or our free consultation, please feel free to contact us or go to this page.

Most of our properties are for whole property renting, and a handful are for room by room renting. These Whole Properties and Individual Rooms are available soon. 

We have a page on Facebook Here, you are most welcome to rate us, and click "like" if you do like us. You are also welcome to rate us on Google here. Your ratings, feedbacks and "like"s will surely help us to provide better services and encourage us on what we are doing.